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Reviews & Testimonials From our Customers

Dental Practice Builder

Dental Practice BuilderThe molar RCT/BU/Crown may not seem like a sexy procedure to add to your practice but I have found that it has been a huge patient satisfaction piece and dental practice builder for me.

Learning this technique in molar endo and endo in general has greatly improved my confidence and competence in providing this service to my patients.

Dr. Nicholas’ technique has allowed me to combined steps and reduce the number of patient visits. Additionally, my patients experience less post operative pain. I can’t say enough good about this CE.

– says Dr. Brower DMD, MPH

Dental Hygienist Production – A Startling Increase

Dental Hygienist ProductionAfter implementing Dr. Nicholas’ hygiene systems into my practice last month I saw a startling increase in hygiene production. This was awesome because the systems are free to implement and all the increased production has nothing to do with my chair time.

Because Dr. Nicholas is a real wet finger dentist he has a very practical view of dentistry. He knows what you can really accomplish when you are in the trenches.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nicholas to any dentist that is not happy with their practice. Proven repeatable systems and 28 years of experience is a winning combination that will improve your practice.

-says Ben Kacos, DDS from Louisiana

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Dental Hygienist Production

Revolutionized The Way I Do Dentistry

RevolutionizedI have been in practice since 2008. I am a general dentist and I see a lot of emergency patients needing root canals. This system has revolutionized the way I do dentistry. It makes endo and crown preps so easy!

With this I am able to serve my patients more efficiently and increase my bottom line significantly. Patients love it- they don’t have to take more time from work and they don’t have to get “shots” twice for the same tooth! I highly recommend this product to all.

– says Allen Gotora, DDS

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Cut My Chair Time Down

K_PatBrownIn my world of PPO’s the difference between profit and loss rests solely on the details of efficiency.

After watching Dr. Nicholas’s lecture on his technique for performing a root canal, build up and crown, I was able to cut my chair time down by 25 minutes.

Thank you Dr. Nicholas.

– Dr. Pat Brown




All I Can Say is Wow

alison-sAll I can say is wow! Dr. Nicholas’s one hour endo, build up and crown video makes what was once a time consuming sequence of procedures simple and predictable.

I’ve been able to shave 30-45 minutes off of my usual chair time not to mention an additional patient appointment if the procedures were done separately. My assistants LOVE LOVE LOVE the laminated  “cheat sheet”.  Every dentist needs this video.

– says Dr. Alison Scavuzzo