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Dental Practice Growth – Keeping it Fresh

I recently was on the Dentalpreneur podcast which is hosted by Dr. Mark Costes. We talk about my full time as a practicing dentist, as a speaker and also how I am a dental practice performance coach. We also talk about dental practice growth and how to get new ideas flowing to your practice.

Dental Practice Growth


In our chat we discuss the following:

  • Details for Aaron’s upcoming live CE course
  • How to continue a growth trajectory after decades of practice ownership
  • New ideas for structuring a trial partner contract
  • My journey from conference attendee to professional speaker
  • The procedures that most dentists should try to keep in-house

Special thanks to Dr. Mark Costes for letting me share my expertise on the Dentalpreneur Podcast show.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Dental Hygiene Department – More Profitable Without Bloodshed?

In my multi-million-dollar dental practice, the dental hygiene department produces one-third of the production. Over a recent twelve-month-period my 30% practice growth has been because of this productive hygiene department. Structuring your hygiene department and understanding what you as the doctor need to do to create a wildly productive department is the key to success.

Dental Hygiene

Are you ready for your dental hygiene department to stop being a loss leader? Let us show you how by using our systems. If you need to increase your hygiene without having to over-treat, up-sell, and over-diagnose every patient, then there is a turn-key solution for you. After trial and error while making mistakes, I have constructed a system that can help any hygienist produce over $2,000 each day.

This system includes:

  • The processes that drive the increased production of a hygiene department and dental practice.
  • Structuring a hyper-producing hygiene schedule without appearing rushed.
  • What must occur on the doctor side of the practice in order to create an extremely productive hygiene department.

Have you ever said: “I am fed-up with my hygiene department being a permanent loss-leader”? Things don’t have to work that way. With these methods, you can run a profitable hygiene department like dental school suggested. We prefer to see a third of hygiene revenue being profit!

We offer a product on this website that provides this hygiene production system. The product has the following features:

  • Proven case presentation for higher fluoride acceptance
  • Systems for keeping your hygiene schedules full and profitable
  • Over the shoulder video of live patient treatment planning
  • Scripts and templates for inter office communication and efficiency

If your hygiene department is not producing enough to justify their positions and forcing you to make up the difference then this product is for you! Click here to checkout the Dental Hygienist Department Production product.

Thank you and please be sure to contact us if you would like more information about how to make your practice more efficient to improve your overhead.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Dental Insights Podcast from New Zealand

nz-2Recently I was interviewed by Dr. Mark Costes on the Dentalpreneur podcast from Pog Mahone’s Irish Pub in Queenstown, New Zealand. We discussed dental insights from an international perspective.

Dr. Mark Costes and I were recently featured speakers at Dental Success Summit International 2016 in Auckland, NZ. We chatted about some of the notable differences in dentistry in New Zealand and the United States and how we were able to share what we learned with the doctors at the summit. We talked about how New Zealand isn’t insurance based but rather fee-for-service practices. We examined cash-based practice dental insights and effects on service and patient expectations.

I have been a frequent guest on The Dentalpreneur Podcast. I have been practicing dentistry for more than 27 years. I am also business coach and the developer of the clinical efficiency products: “The One Hour Molar Root Canal Build Up and Crown” and “Ultimate Anesthesia”. I have been  a featured speaker for Dental Success Summit 2016, both stateside and now internationally.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why training videos are easy and effective
  • How high revenue can mask flaws in office operations
  • How high production & lack of competition can create false security
  • Why overhead awareness is crucial to practice success
  • How a cash based dental industry operates

Special thanks to Dr. Mark Costes for  letting me speak at the Dental Success Summits in Auckland and the upcoming Summit in Sydney.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Dental Overhead Repair in 5 Minutes

Dr. Aaron Nicholas is a practicing dentist and popular dental speaker. He has been called the “Monday Morning Dentist,” because when he gets up on stage, he offers simple and tangible strategies that any dentist can implement immediately on Monday morning for a measurable result. Learn how to fix your dental overhead by watching this short video.

In this video, Dr. Nicholas discusses:

  • How to get your practice’s collections up to 99-100% of what you produce
  • How to significantly and quickly decrease your accounts receivable
  • An easy strategy to immediately decrease overhead
  • A definitive and effective financial arrangement that increases collections and decreases practice stress

On June 3rd and 10th, Dr. Nicholas and a line-up of world class speakers will be delivering their best practice building strategies at the Dental Success Summit 2016 in Auckland and Sydney. We invite you to join us in one of these beautiful locations.

Thank you and please be sure to contact us if you would like more information about how to make your practice more efficient to improve your overhead. You can also visit our dental efficiency facebook page for more tips and hints.

Dental Hygienist Department – Increasing Production

Dental HygienistRecently I was interviewed by Dr Mark Costes on the Dentalpreneur podcast. I discuss how my dental hygienist department consistently produces one-third of the production in my multi-million dollar dental office.

Aaron, who has been practicing dentistry for the last twenty-seven years, attributes a large part of his 30% practice growth in the last twelve months to his extremely productive hygiene department.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The systems that drive the growth in his dental practice and his hygiene department
  • How to structure a hyper-producing hygiene schedule without appearing rushed
  • The reality of what must happen on the doctor side of the practice in order to create a wildly productive hygiene department

Special thanks to Dr. Mark Costes for  letting me share my very successful system of managing my hygiene department on today’s show.

Thank you and please be sure to contact us if you would like more information about how to make your practice more efficient to improve your bottom line.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Dental Efficiency – Practical Tips for the Dentist

dental efficiencyRecently I was interviewed by Dr Mark Costes on the Dentalpreneur podcast. On this podcast I talk about clinical dentistry and how to be a master of dental efficiency.

I own and practice in an extremely profitable, multi-million dollar, fee for service dental practice in Burtonsville, MD. The practical tips on efficiency in this Podcast are quickly implementable for any practice. With Dr. Costes I discuss some of my most popular clinical and efficiency based products. As a result of my products, a dentist office can become more profitable and operations more streamlined. Referring less work out, and increasing a dentist’s bottom line. As a result of my self admitted obsession with efficiency, my practice experienced steady growth of about 30% over the last few years.  This happened even though a corporate dentist office practice appeared across the street. I share how staff, systems and quality patient care can actually attract patients from competitors and help a practice experience steady growth.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Learn about clinical and dental efficiency based products like the “One Hour Molar Root Canal, Build Up and Crown”
  • How to create immediate and implementable systems in your practice, that can immediately improve your bottom line
  • How his “Ultimate Anesthesia” training course has become a huge practice builder by making patients more comfortable
  • The importance of systemized office operations and making every patient experience, memorable, positive and the reliable
  • How a simple system of mandatory, daily patient phone calls can immediately increase your patient visits and profitability
  • How to refer less procedures out, and benefit from being able to provide your patient with in house care

Special thanks to Dr. Mark Costes, for letting me share my journey and knowledge of operational and clinical systematization on his show.

Thank you and please be sure to contact us if you would like more information about how to make your practice more efficient to improve your bottom line.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas