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What if you never had to refer a patient out for an existing extraction again?

What if surgical extractions were routine for you and you never had to refer them out again?

 Imagine if it never took you longer than 20 minutes to remove any tooth and your post op complications were greatly reduced?

 Mastering the art and science of efficient extractions is a win-win for both the patient and the clinician.

  * Keep surgical extractions in-house and eliminate the need for your patients to visit another office

  * Take care of patients immediately and relieve them from acute pain

  *Surgical extractions are a great practice builder with little overhead


Hello, Aaron Nicholas here,

Most of us learned the basics of exodontia in dental school.

Unfortunately most of us only got to see about 5-10 of them …. and, they were the  easy ones.

So, what happens when you get a difficult surgical extraction in your chair?  

For starters, it’s going to take you a lot longer.

But, what happens if it goes badly and you get “stuck?”

And what if after working on your patient for an hour, you have to pack them up and send them to the oral surgeon.

You lose production, wreck the schedule and strain the relationship with your patient.

After a few of these mishaps, you eventually stop “doing” extractions all together.

It’s a blow to your ego and the bottom line!

Without this crucial skill set it’s more painful for the patient, opens them up to potential complications, opens you up to litigation and it’s incredibly embarrassing to boot!

But there might be a better way…

 What if, after completing this training, you could easily complete 90% of the extractions that come through your office door.

You could gain the confidence and know-how to combine the extraction procedure with bone grafting and socket preservation for a truly efficient, highly productive procedure.

Introducing:  Efficient Extractions for the General Dentist

 In my video training, I’ll show you 13 different cases that will cover the gamut of various extraction scenarios.  I will train you to think differently about the entire extraction process.

As you know, indecision wastes time. Using my standardized protocol you will create efficiency and predictability in your procedures.

Within these cases, I’ll show you:

  • Minimally invasive extraction techniques
  • How focusing on the roots makes extractions easier
  • How less flaps = faster, less painful healing
  • And, most importantly, how slowing down lets you finish faster

The training includes these topics:

  • The thinking behind keeping extractions “in-house”
  • Setting the stage for implants in the future
  • Discussion of Instrumentation.  Why the doc with the most toys doesn’t necessarily win
  • Determining which cases to select and which ones will eat up your time and slow down the schedule
  • Why a tooth with previous root canal therapy isn’t always an automatic referral
  • Patient communication before and after the procedure
  • What to do when the primary anesthesia isn’t working
  • How you can keep average surgical extraction time to around 20 min.

The 13 Clinical Procedures Include these Extraction Scenarios:

  • Intact teeth
  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Root canaled teeth
  • Roots only
  • Fractured roots

So if you are ready to;

* Remove the indecisiveness and extractions-gone-wrong from your dental practice

* Level up your skills

* Improve your patient’s experience and outcomes

* Keep these profitable procedures in house

You’ll want to pick up Efficient Extractions for the General Dentist Training today!

Who is Monday Morning Dentistry?

Hi, I’m Dr. Aaron Nicholas, and I’ve been in private practice for almost 30 years.  In addition to building my own thriving practice, for the past 20 years I’ve been training and coaching rising senior dental students and younger doctors as part of our mission work in the Dominican Republic.  Because of the conditions in performing dental work in developing nations, the need to be precise and do our “best” work is essential.  We needed to create as little trauma as possible and still get the job done. Also, we needed to accomplish this in such a way that post op care would be minimal. In realizing that these young doctors and students were learning at an accelerated rate during our mission trips and doing better work than some more experienced doctors I’ve seen here in the states, I decided to share these standardized protocols and a different way of thinking about extractions through these trainings.

Are you ready to start your training and become more proficient in your practice?  Click “add to cart” below?

Risk-Free Guarantee:

If you buy the Efficient Extractions for the General Dentist Training and are dissatisfied for any reason, I offer a full refund.

You have nothing to lose and increased confidence, happier patients, and a flourishing practice to gain.  Click the “add to cart” button below to get started on your training today.


What Others are Saying about These Trainings:

“After implementing Dr. Nicholas’ hygiene systems into my practice last month, I saw a startling increase in hygiene production.  This was because the systems were free to implement and the all the increased production has nothing to do with my chair time. I would highly recommend Dr. Nicholas to any dentist that is not happy with their practice.  Proven repeatable systems and 28 years of experience is a winning combination that will improve your practice.”
~Ben Kacos, DDS, Louisiana

“I have been in practice since 2008. I am a general dentist and I see a lot of emergency patients needing root canals. This system has revolutionized how I do dentistry.  It makes endo and crown preps so easy.”
~Allen Gotora, DDS

Dr. Nicholas’ technique has greatly improved my confidence and competence in providing this service to my patients.  It has allowed me to combine steps and reduce the number of patient visits.  Additionally, my patients experience less postoperative pain. I can’t say enough good about this CE.”
~Dr. Brower, DMD, MPH

“In the world of PPO’s, the difference between profit and loss rests solely on the details of efficiency. After watching Dr. Nicholas’s lecture on his technique for performing a root canal, build up and crown, I was able to cut my chair time down by 25 minutes. Thank you Dr. Nicholas.”
~Dr. Pat Brown

All I can say is wow. Dr. Nicholas’s one hour endo, build up and crown video makes what was once a time consuming sequence of procedures simple and predictable. I’ve been able to shave 30-45 minutes off my usual chair time, not to mention an additional appointment if the procedures were done separately.  My assistants LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the laminated cheat sheet.  Every dentist needs this video.”
~Dr. Allison Scavuzzo




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