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Painless profound anesthesia is treated like a “no-brainer”, but nothing could be further from the truth!

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The Top 3 factors hindering your practice growth are

  • Time
  • Money
  • Pain

How much would it be worth to completely eliminate “PAIN” from this equation?


Hello, Aaron Nicholas here,


As dentists we face a huge problem, we are not judged by our education or by our significant scientific and technical skill, we are judged on three factors,

  1. Does the restoration look and feel good?
  2. Will the restoration last a long time?
  3. And the biggest factor our patients judge us by…


“Did my dentist hurt me?”


Arguably, whether or not you can deliver a pain-free experience is the biggest determining factor to the success of your practice.


If, as a dentist, you can perform the required treatment for a patient without inflicting pain, you will not only have a patient for life you will also have a raving fan for life!


When you hear people talking about a dental treatment they had, what is the first thing often people ask? DID IT HURT?”


This is the one measurement our patients are most concerned with, why?
Because our patients don’t know any better. They aren’t thinking about your experience or your education, or the quality of your work.


No one likes pain and dental pain is no different and may even be worse for most people.


If we create pain for our patients, we are going to kill our businesses.


The simple truth is that coming to have treatment performed in your office will become the last resort for you patients. When the symptoms are too much, and they have no choice, only then will they finally come in. But, make no mistake about it; they will always be looking for another dentist who doesn’t hurt them.


Your practice will always be losing patients, and you will always be stuck marketing to find new patients to maintain your practice going.


The #1 practice builder is the ability to deliver painless and profound anesthesia.


So what is the solution to this problem? You must accept a simply reality.


The ability to anesthetize your patient effectively and quickly is a cornerstone skill that you must develop and perfect.


If you can treat your patients, without infliction pain, they will not only be willing to come back to receive additional treatment, they will happily recommend you to others.


The simple truth is that no matter how impressive your marketing is, word of mouth referrals citing their experience of “pain-free” dentistry is better than any amount of fancy ad agency marketing you can buy.


When you are confident anesthetizing for procedures and know you can numb the patient quickly and effectively, you will be more relaxed which will lead your patient to be more relaxed and easier to numb as well.


But, what if they won’t get numb!


Not only is it a necessity that you numb patients quickly before starting the procedure, you also must be able to re-numb them instantly if anesthesia wears off in the middle of the procedure. So what if you could anesthetize them quickly and effectively before starting and mid procedure if the numbness wore off?


All of us have had those dreaded patients! You have difficulty getting them numb and then they become sensitive again in the middle of the procedure.


You re-inject them numerous times but it seems like each injection is only good for 10 minutes.


This can be a nightmare! Not only are you creating pain for you patient.  Which no one wants. But just one patient like this can throw off the schedule for the entire day.


Now you are behind schedule, you are losing the confidence of your patient and your staff and everyone is going to have to work late or you will have to start cancelling patients for the day.


Not to mention the fact that EVERYONE is now upset!!


All because you couldn’t get one patient numb!


Now there is a program that can make your Anesthesia a no brainer and can eliminate all of these difficulties.


The Ultimate Anesthesia System Program


    • Learn how to give an injection that will deliver profound anesthesia, in minimal time and that is truly painless


    • Learn the simple to use techniques to anesthetize your patients quickly and painlessly and keep them numb for the entire procedure.


    • Enjoy the benefits of staying on schedule and keeping your work moving forward without having the stop to re-numb the patients every 10 minutes.


  • Learn how to effectively deliver anesthesia for the hard to numb patient.

With the Ultimate Anesthesia System, delivering local Anesthesia will finally become a no brainer.


Using the Ultimate Anesthesia system, you will learn how to give truly painless injections to your patients.


This program will teach you the techniques that I use not only to numb my patients quickly and painlessly but also to keep them numb and keep us on schedule.


In the Ultimate Anesthesia System, you will learn how to deal with even the most difficult to anesthetize patients.


When using this system you will become the hero in the eyes of your patient. Why?


“Because you didn’t hurt them!”


What would having a single patient who thinks you are a great dentist be worth to you?


How about an entire practice of patients who think you are a great dentist?


A program that could give you a whole practice full of raving fans would be worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and would be a bargain at that price!


But the Ultimate Anesthesia System is available to you today.


Why is it being offered at such a low price? Because I know these techniques can transform your practice overnight. I know that a lot of patients are living with dental pain they don’t want to get treated because of fear of the needle.


And I know that eliminating “fear of the needle” will open up a whole new reality for your practice and your patients.

Are you ready to turn “fear of the needle” into a thing of the past and profound anesthesia into a no brainer?

Risk-Free Guarantee:

If you buy the Ultimate Anesthesia Training and are dissatisfied for any reason, I offer a full refund.

You have nothing to lose and increased confidence, happier patients, and a flourishing practice to gain.  Click the “add to cart” button below to get started on your training today.


What Others are Saying about These Trainings:

“After implementing Dr. Nicholas’ hygiene systems into my practice last month, I saw a startling increase in hygiene production.  This was because the systems were free to implement and the all the increased production has nothing to do with my chair time. I would highly recommend Dr. Nicholas to any dentist that is not happy with their practice.  Proven repeatable systems and 28 years of experience is a winning combination that will improve your practice.”
~Ben Kacos, DDS, Louisiana

“I have been in practice since 2008. I am a general dentist and I see a lot of emergency patients needing root canals. This system has revolutionized how I do dentistry.  It makes endo and crown preps so easy.”
~Allen Gotora, DDS

Dr. Nicholas’ technique has greatly improved my confidence and competence in providing this service to my patients.  It has allowed me to combine steps and reduce the number of patient visits.  Additionally, my patients experience less postoperative pain. I can’t say enough good about this CE.”
~Dr. Brower, DMD, MPH

“In the world of PPO’s, the difference between profit and loss rests solely on the details of efficiency. After watching Dr. Nicholas’s lecture on his technique for performing a root canal, build up and crown, I was able to cut my chair time down by 25 minutes. Thank you Dr. Nicholas.”
~Dr. Pat Brown

All I can say is wow. Dr. Nicholas’s one hour endo, build up and crown video makes what was once a time consuming sequence of procedures simple and predictable. I’ve been able to shave 30-45 minutes off my usual chair time, not to mention an additional appointment if the procedures were done separately.  My assistants LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the laminated cheat sheet.  Every dentist needs this video.”
~Dr. Allison Scavuzzo



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